Wisdom Teeth Extraction Prevents Future Oral Health Issues

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  • Prevent damage to your smile
  • Break free of the pain
  • Less orthodontic issues
  • Avoid jaw damage
  • Prevent cysts & tumors from forming.

Most adults are missing one or all of their wisdom teeth. No, it’s not because they lost them due to an accident. It’s because they underwent wisdom teeth extraction, mostly likely in their teenage years. In this article, we’ll share the reasons why this is a valuable preventive procedure. Are you or your child experiencing symptoms such as pain and difficulty eating? Then it could very well be their wisdom teeth that are the issue.

Some Background On Wisdom Teeth

Our third molars have been dubbed wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, they don’t give us an IQ boost, as the name may imply. They usually show up in our late teens or early 20s. It’s believed that humans developed these teeth to grind down food in prehistoric times. Back then, people had a significantly larger jaw, which was better suited to these large molars. As diets changed over the centuries, these teeth were no longer necessary.

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Wreak Havoc On Our Smiles

When our permanent are all in, it doesn’t leave room for wisdom teeth. And because they have no space, this leads to impacted teeth (trapped in the jawbone). They place pressure on nearby molars, causing them to move. Not only do you end up in pain, but your teeth end up out of place. By seeing your dentist in Hamilton, we can use technology and our knowledge to determine if your or your child’s wisdom teeth could pose a problem. We may end up recommending this treatment, especially if it’s likely to prevent future oral health issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, damaged teeth, and cysts.

Wondering if it’s time to give us a call? If symptoms such as jaw pain, swelling, bad breath/taste in the mouth, or swollen/painful gums are present, pick up the phone immediately. It’s not putting your smile at risk.